Commercial & Industrial Services Enterprise, "COINSECO" is an indigenous company with ISO standards. It has its registered office at ‘Kahkasha’, plot # 517/B-5, District Court Road (Bunder Road), Panvel-410206, Via-New Mumbai, India.

COINSECO is brain child of Shaikh Abdulhai. He is the founder of organization.

As a service provider, COINSECO does recognize its important role and responsibilities in the whole Supply Chain Industry. The company is very customer oriented and has its ideology in "Customer buys Services and Benefits, not Goods!" and top management as well as staff are committed to this objective of the company. COINSECO offers wide range of services including the simplest of services which could have its analogies in
1 + 1 = 2, since the services have their roots in the ABC principle.

COINSECO deploys the most optimum resources, equipment and systems to help effectively manage your logistical needs. Our way of managing Logistics with Logic, brings calculated benefit to our customers. Additionally, with our associates and representatives throughout India, US, Europe, Middle East and Far East; we can surely offer clients with smooth and cost effective services wherever you may need them.

I am proud to mention that, COINSECO 3PL Logistics has established itself well in a short span of time, due to its commitment to efficient and quality services, and now among the preferred services providers in Taloja, Panvel, Thane, New Mumbai and JNPT.

We bank with The Union Bank of India & ICICI Bank, Panvel Branch.

As the Supply Chain industry is one of the longest serving and continuously evolving domain for all businesses in a global connected village, so is our commitment to build our relationships with clients, partners and stake holders.

Thank you,
Shaikh Abdulhai
Managing Director